Comfortable nursing bra Royce Blossom

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A particularly comfortable nursing bra! The new nursing bra is the "hit" that has conquered the world of breastfeeding. The new invention in the field of maternity bras and breastfeeding bras in recent years. The Blossom is a perfect combination of a comfortable, supportive bra with an innovative and flexible design. The bra that will support you throughout your pregnancy and breastfeeding. The bra is made of comfortable and breathable fabrics (68% cotton), partially padded (from the bottom and sides), without wires, the cap is fully opened for breastfeeding and can be worn as a bra or bustier with a pull on the thread located in the middle. Women have said: "The only bra I could wear during breastfeeding" "Great idea… I honestly did not think it would work… until I tried! Amazing" "10 out of 10, the perfect bra, especially comfortable, a must for a hospital bag" "The bra gave me flexibility in a way that no other bra gave me


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