Nursicare therapeutic nursing pads for cracked nipples

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Therapeutic Breastfeeding Pads- It is important to us that you have a medical solution that will help you deal with cracked or injured nipples. Starting breastfeeding can be difficult, annoying, frustrating and in many cases even painful. A wound or crack in the nipple, even a tiny one, can cause you a lot of suffering every time you breastfeed and even between breastfeeds. It is therefore important that you take the right actions in order to avoid a wound condition and treat the crack as soon as possible. Nursing care pads provide the injured and sore nipple with an optimal environment for relaxation and rapid recovery. Until you and your baby go through the difficult period, you will learn together what is the right technique for you to breastfeed, how to make the connection to the breast and in what position, the nursincare pads give you the opportunity to breastfeed your baby full breastfeeding as you always dreamed. Nursing care pads are the medical solution for treating nipple pain and breastfeeding wounds in the most effective and safe way. The pads are made of the most advanced wound healing materials and are used in operating rooms. They are basically the same ingredients of Advanced PolyMem dressing, which helps heal various wounds and reduce pain for over 30 years. Also, there is no need to rinse the nipple after use, the ingredients are not harmful to your baby and you can breastfeed immediately after using the pads. The package comes with 6 pads (3 pairs) Shipping policy Refund Policy Related products Inco-Colic Incollina gas preparation Inco-Colic Incollina gas preparation ₪ 69.00 Soothies cracked nipple pads Soothies cracked nipple pads ₪ 59.00 Cold brown pearl pads from Lansino Therapearl Cold brown pearl pads from Lansino Therapearl ₪ 99.00 Flagel - an ointment for stitches from Incollina Flagel - an ointment for stitches from Incollina ₪ 69.00