Bravado Bodysilk Nursing Bra

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The Bodysilk nursing bra is a seamless bra that adapts itself to your body as a breastfeeding bra or bra for pregnancy.
It is favorite bra of most of our customers.
Features you will love in the Bravado Bodysilk nursing bra:
Seamless: With a soft and pampering touch, the stretchy fabric is comfortable to wear all day. It is invisible under any type of garment.
Removable padding: removable  pads, which hide the nipples or nursing pads.
Full access: The nursing opening allows the baby full and comfortable access to the breast.
Bra with full closure: The clips do not protrude under tight clothing and are easy to open and close with one hand.
Easy adjustment: The bra is easily adapts to the changes in breast size at the various stages of breastfeeding.

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